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Productos Santa Teresa.L. is a company engaged in the industrial bakery since time inmemorial, with original recipes made with the latest technology to satisfy lovers of quality.

Productos Santa Teresa, S.L.We are located in Castilla La Mancha region, in Herencia (Ciudad Real), 130 kilometers from the south of Madrid, on the Nacional IV, Andalucia road..

Santa Teresa, was founded in time inmemorial, more than 150 years ago, around the year 1850. Initialy was created as a development of the traditional bakeries that were producing bread for the countrymen who worked the rich land of Castilla.

It was in the "Quinterias", where they used to celebrate weddings, religious acts, festivals, etc. that a need for gifting the guests with something sweet was created.

For that reason, Santa Teresa founders (grandparents: Jose and Paula) developed the receipes for the fairy cakes, that still nowadays, half a century later, are still using:

"Tradition, Quality and Innovation"

Actually all our range of products (fairy cakes, naturals, filled, sponges, puff pastries, etc.) are introduced in several markets like Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and North Africa.

We have a great variety as a big versatility to adapt to the different tastes that each market demands in the aspect of presentation, volume, weight, etc.

Our greatest satisfaction is the good welcoming of our products, in those markets that we are introduced, in the big groups and the traditional wholesalers. The best evaluation is given by our customers growing everyday, making our sales grow more every year.

Our commercial net, make with the best professionals, know and appreciate the way we work, being our target the constant improvement in the quality of our products and value positively our service ALWAYS UNDER ORDER we never hold stock in our warehouse. This makes that our products reach the consumer in the BEST CONDITIONS TO BE CONSUME, WITH A GOOD TEXTURE AND TASTE.

The group of people that forms our staff, mixed of youth and experience, work everyday with the hope of learning in more, TO IMPROVE THE PRODUCT EVERYDAY. We spare no effort to achieve and earn the confidence of everybody to keep opening markets. That is our target, to make this company grow, more worker, more distributors, more clients.

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